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250 Watt GMDSS Compliant Communications Console for use in Sea Areas A1, A2 and A3 - Dual-Felcom

Power Usage110 VAC or 220 VAC

Power Output250 W

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Product Consists Of

Product Consists Of

GMDSS Console, Less Equipment. Not available for sale as a standalone item.
GMDSS Console Shipping Crate

External Rectifier Unit with Automatic AC to Battery Switching


250 Watt MF/HF GMDSS Compliant Radiotelephone with DSC


Inmarsat-C Ship Earth Station terminal for GMDSS applications. Full GMDSS compliance with optional printer and AC/DC power supply.


25W VHF Semi Duplex Radiotelephone w/DSC, GMDSS Compliant



Related Products

Related Products


NAVTEX Receiver without printer GMDSS


NAVTEX receiver with printer for SOLAS ships complying with the NAVTEX performance standard MSC.148(77) 

Miscellaneous Accessories

Miscellaneous Accessories


Remote Unit for VHF/FM Radiotelephone


Multiple Remote Station Distribution Box

Active Coupler with 0.6 Meter Interconnect Cable. Pre-Tuned at 518kHz

Active Coupler with 15 Meter Interconnect Cable. Range: 80kHz to 30mHz


Multi-Port Data Distribution Unit, with Eight Outputs

Full Function, Waterproof Remote Handset with Display, FM8900.

Rectifier, 110/220VAC to 24VDC, 20 Amps, with Automatic AC to Battery Power Changeover



Daily Test Manual, RC1800 Series
Console Installation Manual, RC1800 Series
Dealer Manual, RC1800 Series