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Video Interface for FCV1900/CH500/CH600 to NavNet TZtouch3 MFD

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Home Products VI-HDMI

Easily import HDMI Video to your NavNet TZtouch2/NavNet TZtouch3 network

The VI-HDMI video converter was developed to easily import streaming video from sources such as the CH500/CH600 Searchlight Sonars, FCV1900 Fish Finder, DVD/BluRay players, PCs, and other electronics that offer HDMI output. Using the VI-HDMI is as easy as connecting your video source to the converter, then connecting the converter to your NavNet TZtouch3, or NavNet TZtouch2 with version 8.01 software. It's simple to add the new video source to any NavNet TZtouch2/3 MFD, including the ability to create custom pages that you can select from the Edge Swipe menu. Virtually any HDMI video source with a resolution up to 1920x1080 (1080p) can be imported to your NavNet network. The video is scaled to fit your screen without becoming distorted or covered by data boxes, allowing you to view navigation data without obscuring the imported video source.