MSRP: $400.00

Stainless Steel, Low-Profile Thru-Hull Transducer, 600W, 50/200KhZ

Frequency50 and 200 kHz

Housing TypeStainless Steel

Install TypeThru Hull

Power Rating600 W

Shipping Info3 lbs, 10x13x7

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Home Products SS60-SLD

Transducer Features

The SS60-SLD is a dual-frequency, stainless steel thru-hull transducer designed for metal hull vessels. This transducer produces a vertical beam without a fairing, providing excellent echo returns for more accurate depth readings. The nearly flush housing minimizes drag with only 5 mm (3/16") extending outside of the hull. The SS60 is currently in use by the US Coast Guard.

The dual-frequency, 50/200 kHz SS60-SLD offers professional and recreational boaters advantages similar to using a fairing block, but is installed nearly flush to the hull resulting in strong echo returns and accurate depth readings without the drag that is common to similar thru-hull transducers that utilize hi-speed fairing blocks.

Standard Features

  • Engineered for center-console and trailered boats
  • Low-profile (5mm) protrusion below the hull
  • No affect on your boats running performance
  • Arrow on cap points toward keel when installed
  • 10-Pin Connector