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Interface Converter NMEA2000-NMEA0183

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Easy-to-configure NMEA0183/NMEA2000 converter

The IF-NMEA2K2 is easily configured for one of four modes by cutting a wire to select that mode. No additional equipment is needed to configure the IF-NMEA2K2 converter. In addition to a normal data speed mode, the IF-NMEA2K2 has two high speed modes for Autopilots and AIS units.

Please see the Installation manual for a full list of NMEA0183/2000 sentences/PGNs that can be converted.

Later versions of IF-NMEA2K2 converters with a blue NMEA2000 connector can be installed in Drive-By-Wire steering systems that operate on +24vdc CAN bus networks.
Previous versions of the IF-NMEA2K2 with a black NMEA2000 connector are rated from (+9 to +16vdc).