MSRP: $1,110.00

Rubber Coated Transducer, Type 28F-8, 1kW (No Plug)

Beam Angle31 x 34 Degrees

Frequency28 kHz

Housing TypeRubber

Install TypeExternal

Power Rating1 kW

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Home Products CA28F-8

Transducer Features

You can pair this transducer with the CA28BL-12HR. This combination will provide a wide and narrow directional pattern, as well as a combined 4kw of transmitted power into the water. This combination is good for Tuna, Marlin, and Sailfish.

Standard Features 

  • 31 Degree x 34 Degree beam angle
  • 1 kW 28 kHz
  • Rubber Coated - Chest or Tank Mounted
  • 15-Meter Cable, no connector provided
  • 13.2 lbs.
  • Miscellaneous Accessories

Miscellaneous Accessories

Miscellaneous Accessories


Tank for Steel Hull, CA28F-8

Transducer Plug, 4-Pin Round (1 Piece Required for Each Frequency)

Tank for Steel Hull, Dual Transducer, CA28F-8 and CA50B-9B


Tank for Steel Hull, Dual Transducer, CA28F-8 and CA88B-8, or CA28F-8 and CA200B-8B