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28khz and/or 50khz Booster Box, 5kw

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Boost the power of your Furuno sounder

The BT-5 is a matching box designed to enhance the performance of select sounders when used in conjunction with 5kW or 10kW transducers. The combination of 5kW transmitter power and outstanding, field-proven receiver sensitivity permits select sounders, in connection with the BT-5, to offer unparalleled long-range performance. When connected with a 10kW transducer, the BT-5 offers performance that rivals any 10kW system, although the maximum power output remains 5kW.

The BT-5 brings out the maximum potential your sounder, and gives longer detection range thanks to the improved S/N ratio, achieved by the outstanding receiving capability. The maximum output power is 5kW even when the 10kW transducers are used.

  • High-power 5kW output
  • Long range detection
  • Available in dual-frequency (28kHz and 50kHz) or single-frequency (28kHz or 50kHz only) versions


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