Connecting NMEA2000 sensors to the DRS antenna



How many NMEA2000 sensors can be connected directly to a DRS antenna?
NOTE: not all DRS units offer a NMEA 2000 connection.​


​The total number of Furuno NMEA2000 sensors that can be connected is dependent upon the sum of their power consumption. The DRS can supply a maximum of 20 LEN (1 Amp) to the connected Furuno NMEA2000 Sensors. Power consumption of the various NMEA2000 sensors that can be connected to the DRS:
SC30 = 10 LEN or 0.5 Amp
GP330B = 3 LEN or 0.15 Amp
WS200 = 13 LEN or 0.65 Amp
NOTE: one LEN = 50mA ​​​