NavNet TZtouch3 Videos

This is a video series on our NavNet TZtouch3 system. Below you will find a list of topics, simply click on the video to start playing.

NavNet TZtouch3 The Best Fish Finder Multi Function Display 
The Furuno TZtouch3 is the best fish finder, chart plotter navigation, sonar, radar and is as EASY TO USE as your smartphone!

CHIRP Side-Scan on TZtouch3
Get outstanding CHIRP Side-Scan capabilities on your boat with Furuno's NavNet TZtouch3 and the new version 3.01 software update

How to Lock My GPS Plotter Waypoints Furuno TZtouch3
The Furuno TZtouch3 features a Pin Code Lock that keeps your GPS Waypoints, Routes, and settings safe from being stolen.

PBG (Personal Bathymetric Generator) on TZtouch3
With the DFF3D Multi Beam Sonar, you can now quickly create your own high-resolution PBG (Personal Bathymetric Generator) Shaded Relief Maps.

Fish-It & Drift-It on TZtouch3
These new features in NavNet TZtouch3 are going to change the way you drift and catch fish, saving you time and fuel.

DFF3D Multibeam Sonar
Take a first look at the amazing DFF3D Multibeam Sonar!

Miami 2020 Virtual Boat Show
Take a personal tour of what's new with Furuno Marine Electronics for 2020.

Full-Screen Gesture on TZtouch3
Set up a custom two-finger tap to easily go to a full-screen and return to split screen presentations.

DRS12ANXT/DRS25ANXT Radar Introduction
Take a look at Furuno's new 100 Watt & industry-leading 200 Watt Solid-State Doppler Marine Radars.

DRS25ANXT Short Range Performance
Furuno's NXT Solid-State Doppler Radar offers unprecedented close-range performance.

Using the TZtouch2/TZtouch3 Touch Encoder
The Touch Encoder is a remote control that allows you to control your MFD from any location you desire.

TZtouch3 Video Encoder Kits
With NavNet TZtouch3, you can stream video from different sources when connected to one of our Video Encoder Kits.

Converting Waypoints for TZtouch3
A walkthrough for converting your waypoint lists to the TZtouch3 format.

Navigating with Radar in dark or fog
An example of an NXT Solid State Radar connected to NavNet TZtouch3 being used to navigate at night.

Ultimate Fishing TV - TZtouch3 Walkthrough
Capt. Matt Watson takes you on a tour of Furuno's NavNet TZtouch3.

CMOR Charts on TZtouch3
Learn how to use CMOR high-resolution seafloor charts on your TZtouch3.

TZtouch3 Software Update 3.01 Features
Take a look at some of the features included in TZtouch3 software version 3.01.

TZtouch3 Software Update 3.5 Features
Take a look at some of the great new features in the v3.5 software update for NavNet TZtouch3.