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Furuno Connections Season 2

Jon us as we compare the four major manufacturers of marine electronics in an unbiased, on-the-water shootout!

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Meet The Marine Electronics Comparison Team 
Meet the team conducting our head to head comparison between marine electronics to find the best Fish Finder, Radar, Sonar and GPS Chart Plotter on the market today.

Multi Function Display Comparison Test
We take a look at the Multi-Function Displays (MFDs) from the top four marine electronics manufacturers and see how their user interfaces stack up.

Customizing The Display
Continuing our MFD comparison, we take a look at customizing each display, and walk through the built-in features of the different systems.

Building Routes
We start the Marine Electronics Chart Plotter Shoot Out with one of the most important functions: Building a GPS navigation route. Watch as our teams build a GPS route on each of the four MFD's, and see which is the easiest.

All About Waypoints
In Part 2 of our GPS Chart Plotter Shootout, we talk about how to drop, move, edit, delete, and save waypoints on all four Multi Function Displays.

The Need for Speed
In Part 3 of our GPS Chart Plotter Shootout, we test 3D Charts, Chart Orientation, Satellite Photography and Depth Shading, and the all-important Speed test!

Tides, Currents, & Weather
This episode is focused on which GPS Chart Plotter is best for tides, currents, boundaries, and weather forecasting.

Professional Captain's Recommendations
Learn how these professional charter boat captains determine which is the best Chart Plotter for what they do and how they work.

Solid-State Marine Radar
Join us as we test the Furuno NXT Solid-State Radar against the competition in a crowded harbor.

Solid-State Marine Radar - Target Separation
We've put together a tough test for these Solid-State Radar domes to see which have the best target separation.

Solid-State Marine Radar - Long Range Detection
In part 3 of our Marine Radar comparison, we see how other companies stack up against our DRS4DNXT Solid-State Doppler Radar.

Solid-State Marine Radar - Doppler Color Target Comparison
In part 4 of our Marine Radar comparison, we test the Target Analyzer feature, where targets approaching you faster than 3 knots turn to a red target to warn you of a hazardous target coming at you. Other Radars offer a similar feature, but how well do they work when it's a small boat coming at them from under a bridge? We show you in this test.

Solid-State Marine Radar - Bird Mode, Tracking Trails, Dual Range, ARPA, and Overlay
In part 5 of our Marine Doppler Radar Testing, we show how other companies compare to our Furuno DRS4DNXT Solid-State Doppler Boat Radar. Take a look at how all four Boat Radar's stack up side by side with as a bird Radar, tracking Radar targets, ARPA targets, and more.

Solid-State Marine Radar - The Captains Discuss Radar
Join the professional captains as they discuss how the TZtouch3 and the DRS4DNXT Radar stacked up against the competitor's Solid-State Radars, MFDs, and Chart Plotters.

Fish Finder Shootout - Part 1
In part 1 of our Fish Finder comparison, we take a look at how each of the units performs in deep water out at the Marathon Hump, where we have plenty of fish targets and the water goes from 500 feet to over 1,000 feet.

Fish Finder Shootout - Part 2
In part 2 of our Fish Finder comparison, we compare fish finders at three different wrecks in 140 feet, 250 feet, and 20 feet of water to see which CHIRP Fish Finder paints the clearest targets on the wrecks while looking for bait and predator fish.

Fish Finder Shootout - Part 3
In part 3 of our Fish Finder comparison, take a look at how to determine fish size and depth using ACCU-FISH, see how to quickly determine the makeup of the seafloor (rocks, mud, gravel, or sand) with the Bottom Discrimination function, and compare the Bottom Lock and Bottom Zoom functions. We also show you TZtouch3's First Mate app to log your catches.

Fish Finder Shootout - Captain's Round Table
We've finished all of the testing of the internal 1kW CHIRP Fish Finders on all four MFDs, and it's time to sit down with the captains and crew to discuss how TZtouch3 compared to all the other MFDs we tested. Sit back and enjoy some honest discussion with the Furuno and Two Conchs crew.

Multi-Beam Sonar - Part 1
Side-by-side comparison of Furuno's DFF3D Multi-Beam Sonar against the Side Scan Sonar from the other manufacturers. You may be surprised to see the differences between all the different Side Scan Sonars in our deep water testing.

Multi-Beam Sonar - Part 2
We test Furuno's DFF3D against two other Side Scan Sonars over wrecks in 250 feet and 115 feet of water to determine which systems show the bottom structure and fish targets the best.

Multi-Beam Sonar - Part 3
We finish up our Multi-Beam and Side-Scanning Sonar testing in 15 feet of water to see how each system performs in shallow areas. We compare the different modes, like 3D History, Side Scan, Cross Section, and Triple Beam Sounder.

Multi-Beam Sonar - Part 4
Back at the dock, we sit down with our captains and crew to discuss how the DFF3D Multi-Beam Sonar compares against the competition's side imaging Sonar units.

Furuno Connections Season 2 Wrap-Up
In this episode, we talk to the captains and crew to see what they were most impressed with on the TZtouch3 compared to the competitor units.

Furuno Connections Season 2 Fishing the Florida Keys
After wrapping up filming of Season 2, the team spends some quality time using the electronics for fishing the Florida Keys.