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Reference Materials

We've created these downloadable user guides to help you learn about how your electronics work. Read through these short handbooks to learn what makes your electronics tick!

Operator's Guide to Marine Radar

This guide will help you learn what a Radar is, how it works, and how to get the most out of what may be the most important navigation device you will ever own.

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Navigator's Guide to Chart Plotters

This guide will help you learn what a Chart Plotter is, what it can and cannot do, and offers tips and tricks to making the most out of this important addition to your helm.

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Complete Angler's Guide to Marine Transducers

Because there are a number of variables in transducer types that can dramatically affect your Fish Finder's performance, understanding these variables is the key to selecting the right transducer. This guide will help you learn what makes a transducer 'tick.'

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Furuno USA General Catalog

Download the Furuno USA General Catalog. This PDF includes product features, specifications, and dimensional drawings for all of the products available from Furuno USA, Inc.

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Sportfishing Product Guide

An overview of the Furuno products top sportfishing captains rely on to get on the bite!

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