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Real World Applications

Now you have the latest and greatest on your boat, but how do you really use it? Take a look at these articles on how customers just like you are putting Furuno products to use.

AIS - The Ultimate Safety Tool

While AIS is an efficient means of improving yacht safety in moderate weather, it becomes even more valuable as the weather deteriorates. While you may be keeping a sharp watch for traffic, a small mistake, a minute of inattention, can lead to disaster. Learn about how to use AIS as an important tool for safety at sea.

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Radar Target Definition

Picking out small targets in sea clutter is what we want most from our radar. While large vessels have a good radar return in almost all conditions, smaller vessels are often lost in the radar clutter reflected back from waves. Learn about tuning your Radar to reduce sea clutter without losing those small targets you really want - and need - to see.

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Sonar As A Piloting Tool

More than just a fishing tool, your Sonar can see objects below the water in the same way that your Radar sees them above. Learn to use your Sonar as a tool for safer navigation.

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Using Sonar for Navigation - Part 1

When cruising remote areas, where charts can be out-of-date or non-existent, you can use your Sonar as an effective tool for safe navigation. Learn more about this navigation technique and how it works.

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Using Sonar for Navigation - Part 2

It's one thing to learn about using Sonar for safe navigation in charted areas where you have a frame of reference, but it is quite another thing to use this technique where there are inaccurate charts or no charts at all. This article delves deeper into learning how to use your Sonar for safer navigation.

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