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Full-Screen Graphical Swing Meter Delivers New Functionality to SC70/SC130 Satellite Compass Displays

With a full-screen graphical ROT indicator, navigators will instantly grasp the current situation and will be able to make immediate corrections to the vessel’s heading.

Camas, WA - Furuno has introduced new Swing Meter functionality for their SC70 and SC130 Satellite Compasses, giving them the capability to display a graphical ROT (Rate of Turn) indicator with analog rate of turn in degrees per minute. When navigating in rivers, near coastlines, or in other areas where unpredictable water currents are present, towboats and other commercial vessels need to be immediately aware of their vessel’s rate of turn. With a full-screen graphical ROT indicator, also called a swing meter, navigators will instantly grasp the current situation and make immediate corrections to the vessel’s heading. Barges can be particularly susceptible to unpredictable changes water conditions, and will find this new functionality incredibly useful to their operation.

A simple software update is required to add the Swing Meter display to existing installations. For new installations, the SC70 or SC130 can replace the vessel’s analog Swing Meter, which can be prone to failure and increased maintenance costs. These Satellite Compass displays are capable of providing a wide array of useful navigation information and also perform as a server for multiple data types, including heading, position, COG and SOG, roll and pitch, three-axis speed, and more. NMEA2000 and NMEA0183 output is available on multiple ports, and the Satellite Compasses also communicate on the IEC 61162-450 Ethernet standard. They carry type approvals as an EPFS (Electronic Position Fixing Sensor), THD (Transmit Heading Device), and Rate of Turn Sensor.

For those looking for a larger display, the Furuno GP1871F and GP1971F combination Chart Plotter/Fish Finder units as well as the RD50 Remote Display come out of the box with a useful analog ROT function. The RD50 multi-function remote display may be used to show heading, ROT, SOG/COG, and more in both graphical/analog or digital formats, all of which may be customized for easy access. ROT data must be supplied to the unit in order to utilize this feature.

Furuno has been the world leader in quality Marine Electronics for commercial vessels for over 70 years. For more information on Furuno's complete line of Marine Electronics, contact: Furuno USA, 4400 NW. Pacific Rim Blvd., Camas, WA 98607. Phone: (360) 834-9300.