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Furuno's All-New TZtouchXL Series Delivers "Off The Charts" Performance With Exclusive, Industry-First Features!

The NavNet TZtouchXL series introduces five different sizes of MFDs with all the features boaters desire, including exclusive, never-before-seen features in recreational navigation devices. Plus, they pack all of the power and performance that has been the hallmark of Furuno for decades, wrapped in a fresh and simple-to-use user interface.

Camas, WA - Furuno has historically set the bar for the most powerful Multi Function Displays (MFDs) with the easiest-to-use interface, and with the release of NavNet TZtouchXL, the bar has been set higher than ever before. The NavNet TZtouchXL series introduces five different sizes of MFDs with all the features boaters desire, including exclusive, never-before-seen features in recreational navigation devices. Plus, they pack all of the power and performance that has been the hallmark of Furuno for decades, wrapped in a fresh and simple-to-use user interface.

What sets these MFDs so far ahead of the field is an all-new chart offering called TZ MAPS. Navigators are in complete control of what map data they want to download, such as raster or vector charts, satellite photos, and bathymetric data. Plus, they can select specific areas that they want to keep updated. Objects can be turned on and off in the Layers menu, available with a single edge swipe up from the bottom of the display. Users can create their own custom objects or make updates to charted objects, such as buoys, so when they move from their previously charted positions, they can be updated on the system on the fly. Custom user objects can be shared with other registered TZ MAPS users through TimeZero's new moderated service, and since they reside on their own chart layer on the TZtouchXL MFD, they can easily be displayed or hidden as desired.

Another new feature in TZ MAPS, called BathyVision, offers users truly ‘off the charts’ bathymetric data with contour lines that can be configured with a single tap. When we say configurable, we’re talking down to a resolution of a mere 3 inches between contours - that's 3x better than any other bathymetric chart currently on the market. Bathymetric data is rendered from the same high-resolution database used for TZ MAPS’ custom depth shading and can be overlaid onto the navigation charts to create fishing charts unlike any seen before. All of this can be rendered with custom color palettes and terrain shading, giving navigators an electronic charting experience that goes far beyond any premium chart service before it. Purchase of any TZ MAPS area also unlocks added functionality for that area, such as the powerful AI Routing feature that intelligently plans out routes, taking into consideration the boat's draft and navigational obstacles. To round it off, the purchase of any TZ MAPS chart unlocks those charts in the free TZ iBoat app for mobile devices such as a phone or tablet, allowing navigators to have a home planning app that will transfer their points and routes directly to the TZtouchXL. With a free TimeZero account, waypoints and routes can be easily backed up or retrieved from the cloud with just a few taps.

´╗┐TZtouchXL empowers users to purchase charts directly from the MFD! With an Internet connection and TZtouchXL's simple, graphically presented chart store, navigators can purchase unlock codes and automatically update charts, keeping them current with the freshest data without having to manually download them. Updates are free for one year, and then they can continue to receive updates with a small annual subscription.

When connected to a DRS Radar, two new, powerful safety features are unlocked: Risk Visualizer™ and AI Avoidance Route™. Risk Visualizer™ is a unique function of Furuno Radars that provides a 360° visual representation of potential collision risks of approaching objects around the vessel. Unlike CPA/TCPA alarms, which indicate only the risks visible on the ship’s current course, Risk Visualizer™ assesses all of the objects around the vessel. Dynamic icons are automatically created for targets with the highest probability of collision, ensuring the captain has the information they need to maintain safe distances when passing. The new AI Avoidance Route™ feature takes all the information provided by the Radar and instantly provides a safe route around those hazards, which can be sent to a Furuno NAVpilot series autopilot with a single tap.

The series comprises five MFDs, including two hybrid control models, the 10” TZT10X and 13” TZT13X. These units incorporate all of the multi touch capabilities of the TZtouchXL series, as well as Furuno’s RotoKey™ control knob and dedicated soft-touch keys, making navigation intuitive and easy under any sea conditions. The all-glass 16” TZT16X, 22” TZT22X, and 24” TZT24X boast super-wide displays with exceptional clarity and brightness. The all-glass design allows these powerful MFDs to be mounted side-by-side for a seamless and stylish all-glass appearance to enhance both the functionality and sophistication of the helm. Every TZtouchXL model features a powerful hexacore processor for lightning-fast response.

NavNet TZtouchXL delivers the ability to tailor the helm to meet the captain's exact needs. All magnetron or Solid-State Doppler Radars, high-powered Fish Finders, AIS, Autopilot, and Deep Water Multibeam Sonar options that users of NavNet TZtouch3 have come to appreciate are compatible with TZtouchXL. Many of the must-have features that NavNet TZtouch3 users depend on are also available, including Target Analyzer™, Bird Mode, Rain Mode, and PIN Code Lock to prevent access to the MFD and provide a safeguard against data theft. The TZT10X, TZT13X, and TZT16X feature a built-in 1kW TruEcho CHIRP or CW Fish Finder and built-in 235kHz or 455kHz CHIRP Side-Scan that can show fish and structure in high detail port and starboard. These built-in Fish Finder and Side-Scan functions can be accessed by the TZT22X and TZT24X across the NavNet network.

For those looking for an added element of control, two new remote control options are available, the vertically-oriented MCU006 and horizontal MCU006H, each capable of controlling any TZtouchXL MFD in the network. Both feature a comfortable RotoKey™ and beveled buttons for enhanced ease of use. The ten dedicated dual-purpose buttons operate different functions, including the ability to access the Edge Swiping functionality that makes the NavNet TZtouch series so easy to use.

Furuno has been renowned as the global leader in marine electronics since its inception in 1948 with the introduction of the world's first commercial Fish Finder. NavNet TZtouchXL marks the culmination of decades of experience, ingenuity, and know-how, and their constant dedication to meeting their customers’ wants and needs has been the impetus for their many years of innovation and excellence. For more information on NavNet TZtouchXL and Furuno's complete line of Marine Electronics, contact: Furuno U.S.A., 4400 N.W. Pacific Rim Blvd., Camas, WA 98607, or visit their website at www.FurunoUSA.com.