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Capt. Jeff Gauthier


Home Port: Stuart, Florida   |   Goto Vessel: 29' Orion   |   Electronics: NavNet TZtouch3

About Capt. Jeff and Natalie Gauthier:

With 43 years of passion for the open sea and a deep-rooted expertise in saltwater sport fishing, Captain Jeff and Natalie Gauthier are seasoned anglers with extensive knowledge of the waters of South Florida and the Bahamas. Fishing these waters since the age of 8, Capt. Jeff has dialed in the technique for fishing these waters with the tools from Furuno Marine Electronics.


From the vibrant coral reefs to the deep blue expanses, Jeff and Natalie have spent years honing their craft in some of the most coveted fishing grounds in the region. Their intimate familiarity with the habits and habitats of various species make them trusted guides for anglers of all skill levels.


But the Gauthier’s don’t just fish for the thrill of the catch - they find joy in sharing their wealth of knowledge with others who share their enthusiasm for the sport. Whether you're a novice looking to reel in your first big catch or a seasoned angler seeking new challenges, Natty Girl Sport Fishing is dedicated to providing an unforgettable fishing experience tailored to your interests and skill level.


Beyond just catching fish, Natty Girl Sport Fishing believes in fostering a deeper connection to the marine environment. They are passionate about conservation efforts and promote responsible fishing practices to ensure that these waters remain teeming with life for generations to come.


When you fish with Natty Girl Sport fishing, you're embarking on an adventure filled with excitement, learning, and a deep appreciation for the beauty of the sea.