Learning The Ropes

These short videos show you how to perform some of the most common actions on your NavNet TZtouch3 MFD. Simply click on the video to start playing.

Learn about the chart options on your TZtouch3 MFD.

Changing Depth Units
Learn how to select depth units on your TZtouch3 MFD.

Post Processing Gain Control
Update all of the returns on your TZtouch3 Fish Finder instantly!

Quick Pages
Learn how to create Quick Pages on your TZtouch3 MFD.

Remove Depth Numbers
Learn how to remove unwanted depth numbers from your TZtouch3 screens.

Satellite Photo Fusion
Learn about Satellite Photo Fusion and Depth Shading on your TZtouch3 MFD.

Touch Screen Gestures for TZtouch3
Learn the basic touch screen gestures for your TZtouch3 MFD.

Downloading NavCenter Weather
Learn how to download free NavCenter Weather information to your TZtouch3 MFD.

Changing Fish Finder Background Color
Learn how to change the background color on your TZtouch3 Fish Finder.