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Capt. Brandon Hayward

 Home Port: San Diego and Newport Beach   |   Goto Vessels: Parker 2820/Freeman  34VH  |   Electronics: NavNet TZtouch


 About Capt. Brandon:

Captain Brandon Hayward has worked in the California fishing industry his entire adult life, starting on San Diego’s overnight and long range vessels in the mid ‘90s, and eventually starting a small boat charter business in 2012, taking one angler at a time on a 17-foot skiff for trophy white seabass. Since then, he has grown Bight Sportfishing into a five-boat charter fleet that runs the most charters in the California and West Coast landscape. The business is synonymous with trophy white seabass, and has been the leader in the burgeoning West Coast deep drop swordfish fishery.

He rates swordfish as his favorite target, although trophy white seabass, bluefin tuna and lobster are the most popular trips that Bight Sportfishing runs.

In addition to Bight Charters, Brandon edits and publishes The Bight, a high-end, coffee-table journal; he has also penned three books on West Coast Saltwater fishing.