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Employment Scam Alert!



We have been made aware of a scam involving FURUNO and FURUNO USA.  Emails are being sent out under the Furuno name that are completely fraudulent.  Unsuspecting receivers of these e-mails are offered a job as a Billing Associate II at a pay rate of $72,000 + bonus.  If you accept, they will send additional documentation letting you know that they will be sending you checks for you to deposit into your bank account (and that’s how they gain access to your bank account).  


We do NOT blindly offer employment through emails…EVER!.  If you are the recipient of such an e-mail you can:


Report phishing emails and texts.

  • Forward phishing emails to spam@uce.gov – and to the organization impersonated in the email. Your report is most effective when you include the full email header, but most email programs hide this information. To ensure the header is included, search the name of your email service with “full email header” into your favorite search engine.
  • File a report with the Federal Trade Commission at FTC.gov/complaint.
  • Visit Identitytheft.gov. Victims of phishing could become victims of identity theft; there are steps you can take to minimize your risk.
  • You can also report phishing email to reportphishing@apwg.org. The Anti-Phishing Working Group – which includes ISPs, security vendors, financial institutions and law enforcement agencies – uses these reports to fight phishing.

Download the Furuno USA Employment Application

If completing the employment application online and e-mailing to Furuno, please do NOT include social security or driver’s license information.