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Your boat is more than just a boat! It's your weekend get-away. It's quality time with your family. It's your refuge from the stress of everyday life. It's your passion. We get it and totally agree!

If you’ve been putting off installing an Autopilot, now is the time to consider NavPilot from Furuno. NavPilot’s new features along with Furuno’s tried and true reputation for quality bring the convenience of the autopilot to virtually any vessel. Keep your hands free to operate your radar, cast out your lines, or simply do whatever it is you would be doing if you didn’t have to steer the boat! NavPilot delivers the freedom of hands-off cruising with the knowledge that you’ll arrive safely at your destination.

Fantum Feedback

Furuno's all-new "Fantum Feedback" NAVpilot software clears the path to a simplified installation while also delivering enhanced steering control. With Fantum Feedback, NAVpilot outboard installations no longer require use of a physical rudder feedback unit. This streamlined installation, combined with Furuno's unique adaptive learning Autopilot technology, provides unmatched outboard Autopilot performance. Fantum Feedback is a menu-selectable feature available in the latest NAVpilot-700 series software. This new software was developed and extensively tested on a wide variety of outboard vessels with hydraulic steering and reversing pump control. Fantum Feedback achieves precise course control, from slow trolling speeds to high-speed cruising, utilizing a newly developed, time-based rudder gain process, rather than traditional rudder angle based control.


NavPilot’s optional SAFE HELM and POWER ASSIST features provide a unique interface to your boat's hydraulic hand steering system. Together, these two features provide speed-based, power assisted steering, which greatly reduces manual helm effort in maneuvering situations. SAFE HELM temporarily switches the NAVpilot to manual steering for a specified time interval, taking it out of an automatic steering mode (AUTO, NAV, etc.) After the time interval has elapsed, SAFE HELM is deactivated and the previous automatic steering mode is restored. POWER ASSIST is Furuno’s unique helm-activated, power assisted steering feature that can augment or replace separate electric and power-robbing, engine-driven power steering systems on many vessels, reducing steering system complexity and costs while increasing economy. Together, these two modes greatly reduce steering effort and enhance the safety of your autopilot, providing unrivaled comfort and control of steering directly from any manual helm on the vessel.

SAFE HELM and POWER ASSIST modes require the optional FPS8 Power Steering Module and an appropriate HRP Pumpset.

FishHunter mode

FishHunter mode is a unique feature of FURUNO’s NavPilot series. Find a fish target with your FURUNO sonar/sounder or bird target with your FURUNO radar and feed it to the NavPilot The NavPilot will activate the FishHunter mode to perform square, zigzag, circle, orbit, spiral or figure-eight maneuvers around the specified target at a user selected distance. This feature can also be used for Man Overboard (MOB).


We're guessing you'd never expect to see a Furuno GPS/Chart Plotter/Fish Finder Combo unit at a retail price point under $1,000. Well, as they say... "Never say never," because now there's not only one, but two Furuno Combo units with retail pricing below $1,000. We’ve just announced an immediate price reduction for both the GP1670F and GP1870F GPS/Chart Plotter/Fish Finder Combo models. The GP1870F now has a MSRP price of $995, while the GP1670F is listed at $695.

When you consider that both the GP1670F and GP1870F incorporate Furuno's multi award-winning, professional-grade fish finding technology, these truly aggressive price points make it appear that you are getting a hi-accuracy GPS Receiver and full-featured C-Map Chart Plotter virtually for FREE! Boasting a long list of advanced features, such as Bottom Discrimination, Accu-Fish, C-Map 4D Charts, Internal GPS, and a powerful 600W/1KW Fish Finder, this is absolutely the best overall product value we’ve ever presented to the market.

With these new prices, everyone can afford to get Furuno’s award-winning technology on their boat! If you have been looking to upgrade or purchase a new combination unit for your boat, now is a great time to dive in to the world of Furuno marine electronics. Click on the links below for more information on the GP1670F/GP1870F GPS/Chart Plotters:

    • GP1670F
    • GP1870F
    • Operator'sGuide to Chart Plotters:
      This guide will help you learn about what a Chart Plotter is, what it can and cannot do, and offers tips and tricks for making the most out of this important addition to your helm.
      Download >> Chart PlotterGuide  (7 MB)

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