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Reference Materials
Operator's Guide to Chart Plotters
This guide will help you learn about what a Chart Plotter is, what it can and cannot do, and offers tips and tricks for making the
most out of this important addition to your helm..
 Download >> Chart Plotter Guide  (7 MB)

Operator's Guide to Marine Radar
This guide will help you learn about what a Radar is, how it works, and how to get the most from what is perhaps the most important
navigation device you will ever own.
 Download >> Operator's Guide  (2 MB)  
Complete Angler's Guide to Marine Transducers
There are transducers available for virtually every type and size of boat. There are also sensors you can install that will accurately
read your boat speed and the surface water temperature. Because there are a number of variables in transducer types that can
dramatically affect your fish finder's performance, understanding these variables is the key to selecting the right transducer.
This book will help you learn about what makes a transducer ‘tick.’
Download >> Transducer Guide  (1 MB)