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Real World Applications
Learn how Furuno products are being used in real world applications.

Sonar As A Piloting Tool
by Steve Dashew
"Over the years we've learned to take the data presented on charts with a degree of skepticism. The further from commercial shipping routes you go, the more true this becomes. An extreme example can be found in Greenland, where only a tiny percentage of the coast has been surveyed. That makes venturing away from a few small ports a risky endeavor. Yet the exquisite beauty, the remote wilderness setting, and the challenges presented by a lack of conventional charts create an allure that is compelling."

AIS - The Ultimate Safety Tool
by Steve Dashew
"When you think about equipping a new yacht with electronics, or upgrading an older vessel, it quickly becomes apparent some choices have to be made. There is rarely enough space (or budget) for everything on the wish list. The photo above will help to prioritize things. There is a large ship somewhere inside the heavy rain squall on the left side of the screen. If we cannot see the ship, what are the odds they will see a yacht in rain or sea clutter?"

Using Sonar for Navigation - Part 1
by Steve Dashew
"We spend a lot of time cruising in remote areas, where charts tend to be out-of-date or nonexistent. For years we've been thinking about using sonar for navigation in these situations, but it wasn't until Furuno sonar specialist Steve Bradburn started to tutor us in the possibilities that we go really interested. We were eventually convinced enough to install a Furuno CH270 Searchlight Sonar aboard our 83 foot Wind Horse."  Click on the title to read the rest of the article...

Using Sonar for Navigation - Part 2
by Steve Dashew
"In a previous article we wrote about using SONAR for navigation and discussed the learning curve during sea trials with our Furuno CH370 "search light" SONAR. Well, it is one thing to use this gear where there are accurate charts so you have a frame of reference, and quite another where the charts are non existent, or significantly inaccurate, as in much of Baja California and the Sea of Cortez"  Click on the title to read the rest of the article...

Radar Target Definition
by Steve Dashew
"Modern radar's have an amazing assortment of features and capabilities. But in our opinion the single most important criteria is the ability of the radar to pick out targets in difficult conditions. We've been using a Furuno 2117 black box radar on Wind Horse, our 83 foot (23.4m) ocean going motor vessel, and we have been amazed at its abilities."  Click on the title to read the rest of article...