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NavNet 3D Training Videos
This is a video training series on our NavNet 3D system. Below you will find a list of topics, simply click on the title to start the video. We are hard at work producing new NavNet 3D training videos, so please check back periodically.

NavNet 3D Training Videos

Intro to the Chart Plotter - Part 1

  • Chart Plotter basics
  • Status bar description
  • Showing active component icons
  • Customizing data boxes
  • Switch between raster & vector charts
  • Display raster & vector charts at the same time
Intro to the Chart Plotter - Part 2
  • Display high resolution satellite photos
  • Learn how Satellite PhotoFusion works
  • Display charts and satellite photos in 3D
  • Using the DISP key to select the screen display
  • Customizing the display carousel.
Installing Charts - Part 1
  • Locate & download charts from our web site
  • Unzipping the file & prepare it for loading to SD card
  • Formatting the SD card
Installing Charts - Part 2
  • Copy downloaded charts to SD card
  • Install charts onto MFD using SD card
  • Delete charts to free up extra space
Keyboard Layout
  • Three sections of keyboard
  • Step-by-step button function
  • Long vs. short press for single/dual function buttons
  • Rotokey activation
Customizing Your Display - Part 1

  • How to access the menus
  • Turning off the MyNavNet reminder
  • Customizing the RotoKey menu
  • Creating a custom RotoKey interface


Customizing Your Display - Part 2
  • Selecting the number of Hot Pages
  • Changing the on-screen Boat Icon
  • Getting your System ID
  • Viewing the Software Version Number
  • Turning off the key beep
  • Changing font sizes
  • Selecting day or night brightness level
  • Great Circle vs. Rhumb Line Navigation
  • Bearing Display
  • Selecting position format
  • Selecting timezone & daylight savings time
  • Target Lat/Lon & MOB settings
  • Adjusting viewing angle settings
Customizing Your Display - Part 3
  • Setting range units
  • Setting depth units
  • Setting height above water
  • Setting temperature units
  • Setting speed units
  • Setting wind speed units
  • Setting air pressure units
  • Setting oil pressure units
  • Setting volume for gas consumption
  • Language selection
  • Message window dwell times
  • Connection diagram
  • GPS status screen
Customizing Your Display - Part 4
  • Calibration settings
    • Draft of vessel
    • Speed through water
    • Sea surface temperature
    • Wind settings
    • Water type
  • Radar settings
    • Radar source
    • Auto & manual tuning
    • Sector blanking
  • Fish Finder settings
    • Transmission power
    • Gain adjust & offset
    • Bottom level
    • External KP
    • STC
    • Frequency adjustment
  • Sirius Satellite Weather data screen
  • Memory settings
Customizing Your Display - Part 5
  • Enable or disable data boxes
  • Customizing data boxes
  • Data box formats
  • Changing data box attributes
Install the Combo Software Upgrade

  • Step by step instructions on how to download software & upload to your system
  • Install if you have software version 1.11 or earlier currently installed
  • Works on MFD8 and MFD12
Install the Incremental Software Upgrade

  • Step by step instruction on how to download software & upload to your system
  • Install if you have software version 2.01 or higher currently installed
  • Works on MFD8, MFD12 and MFDBB
Interfacing a NavNet 3D Display with
a FAR2xx7 Radar

  • Step by step instructions on how to interface the two together
  • Walk through the menu of the FAR2xx7
  • Walk through the menu of the NavNet 3D
Basic Introduction on How to Create Waypoints & Routes on NavNet 3D
  • Basic instructions on how to create a Point (aka Waypoint)
  • Basic instructions on how to create Routes
  • How to create Points and Routes in 2D and 3D
Advanced Waypoints on NavNet 3D - Creating, Deleting, Renaming and Modifying

This advanced waypoints video picks up where the basic video left off. Now that you have an idea how easy it is to create waypoints, this video teaches you how to modify them, change their properties, view them in lists and more.
Advanced Routes on NavNet 3D - Creating, Modifying, Activating and Extending

This advanced routes video continues on where the basic video left off. Learn how to create routes using existing waypoints and temporary waypoints. You'll discover how to modify properties, activate and deactivate a route. We will explain how to split a route, extend it and even reverse the direction.